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How Kubu Tepi Sawah was build

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In 2018, When Mr. Nyoman SudiArtawan went to Belimbing for trekking, he passed several houses, one of  them owned by I KetutNesa, he was an oldman who lived with his daughter whose husband had passed away, her name is Made Wiani and she has two son, aged 17 and 14 at the time. His two grandchildren are named I Wayan Adi Juliantara and KadekNopadiantara. At that time the condition of their house where he lived was very poor  (leaked when it rained). Even though they had been proposed to get a house renovation program from the government, it never came.

By having a sense of care and love for others, Mr. Nyoman SudiArtawan provided financial assistance to build a house. As an expression of gratitude, Mr. Nyoman Sudi was given land to be contracted for 25 years by KetutNesa. Therefore, Mr. Sudi used the land to build a tourist lodge with an environmentally friendly building concept with the main aim of helping the economy of the I KetutNesa's family, the surrounding community and in order to help government programs, especially Belimbing Village as a tourist village.

The meaining of ornament


Kulkul is a unifier tool  made from wood or “kayu” which the word close to “kayun” in English is mind, so when there is a sound of kulkul, it means the society need to gathered unite their mind.

Meaning of  Buddha Head Statue

In accordance with the name of Kubu Tepi Sawah Resort, it is Detox Wanaprasta Resort, so it has to do with the head of the Buddha, which means the head in which there is a brain organ for thinking, to detox or refresh life, starting from detoxing the mind.

Primitive Carved Sculpture

The Primitive Carving Statue depicts life around the Belimbing people, namely farming, rice, fruit, coffee, cacao and so on.


Why do every ceremony in Bali often use bamboo. When brought into life, every bamboo that grows has strong roots and is related to one another, which means that unity is nurtured from the start. Every bamboo that grows begins with a "book" and roots mean that every growth requires learning, every place to stand gives the best so that we are remembered or rooted. Bamboo grows when it has to bend downwards to avoid breaking it means "Life begins at 40".

when humans are 40 it's time to give, maintain and look down on what has been achieved.

Yin Yang Pond

The Yin Yang shaped fish pond placed after the entrance before the villa means that in life we ​​have to go through good or bad, right or wrong, we have to go through both before we reach perfectness.


Gelebeg or Lumbung Padi  is a place where you keep paddies or unhusked rice before they’re made into rice that we cook everyday. Translated as rice-barn, it’s usually made from plaited bamboo or rattan. Built a meter high from the ground to prevent rats, chickens, and other threats. Designed as narrow in the lower part while wider upper to keep the inside save from rainwater,  the natural material used keep the unhusked rices smells and shapes as it’s freshly picked out farm.

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