Care & Love Foundation
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)  - Care & Love Corporation

Care & Love Foundation was formed to help the basic needs of less fortunate communities and people (such as education, finance, housing, food and clothes, world disaster). This humanitarian activity is not only based on caring and loving each other, but also on the philosophy of life for the Balinese community known as Tri Hita Karana (Three causes of happiness), which are devotion to God, care for fellow living beings and care for the environment and nature.

Volunteers also can join us for visiting the poor societies with the Care & Love corporation. All contributions are much appreciated. Collaborate with Care & Love corporation (joining our cruise line agency, studying at Monarch School and Sourcing Development, stay at our Villa in KTS Bali, dine in Captain’s Table restaurant) means that you are part of our CSR family.

Care and Love Corporation  Companies

Our companies are :

*  PT. Saraswati Manajemen (Official Cruise Line Agency) -

* LKP  Sourcing Development (Perfection Place for Hospitality Sector)  -

* KTS Bali Villa and Restaurant  (Authentic Balinese villas) -

* Captain’s Table Restaurant and Garden Bar -


On behalf of  Care & Love Foundation, I would like to express my gratitude for all of your support. Let us hold our hands together to help others with Care & Love philosophy and commit to spread peace to the world

Type of activities :


 Donate for temple


Helping poor community (Charity)

Save the planet (Planting 
  & Cleaning)


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