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The KTS Care & Love Foundation was formed to help to meet the basic needs of less fortunate communities and people (such as education, finance, food and clothes). This humanitarian activity is based not only on caring and love, but also on the philosophy of life of the Balinese community, namely Tri Hita Karana (Three causes of happiness), which are 1) Devotion to God, 2) care for fellow living beings and 3) care for the environment and nature.
Volunteers can also join us for a visit to poor societies with the KTS team. All contributions are much appreciated. Base on care & love philosophy KTS team respectly for three components in life as above mention.




KTS Care & Love Foundation provides a free class to the children in our local village. In an effort to preserve and maintain the artistic heritage that makes Bali so enchanting, we invite the youth to participate in our dance class learning both Panyembrahma and Puspanjali Dance. You are welcome to swing by to take photographs or join the class. We’ll dress you up in your very own sarong and selendang! We invite you to enjoy this special and unforgettable experience.

   Make Offering    


Learn how to make Simple Balinese offerings. These beautiful gestures are seen almost everywhere you look in Bali, places auspiciously on temples and in front of shops and businesses. Offerings are an essential aspect of the Balinese and Hindu cultural heritage. Learn the meaning and symbolism behind each component of the Canang Sari.

   English Course   


It is part of KTS Care & Love Foundation. Become an international English teacher! Volunteer your wisdom and skills at our local school. No lesson plan necessary! With an easy question-and-answer format, we set you up for teaching success! Help our local children learn English and feel the joy that comes with connecting and sharing. In exchange for your appreciated time, we offer one complimentary lunch in our on-site restaurant, or a one-hour Balinese massage free of charge. “Sharing is our key of life as sharing is caring. Share your English to local community through volunteer teaching.”


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