In House Activity  

  Cooking Class  


KTS Jaen Cooking Class

Plan a unique date or add a Balinese dish to your cooking repertoire. First, we take you to an organic garden and local market to hand-pick your ingredients.  Then, you’ll return to our fully-equipped, colorful, outdoor kitchen where the magic happens. Enjoying cooking is all about confidence, being relaxed and understanding your ingredients. You will experiment with new flavors and combine the freshest ingredients with techniques to build your knowledge of Balinese cuisine.  It is our family’s humble honor to have you visit our compound and show you the uniqueness of Bali. If it piques your interest, we love sharing stories and the philosophies behind our culture. This added bonus combined with the atmosphere is sure to awaken the Balinese chef in you for a memorable experience.


Learn how to cook traditional Balinese cuisine with the help and guidance of our friendly staff. This culinary adventure will take you from our garden to the farmer’s market, to our wonderful outdoor kitchen. We’ll show you everything you need to know, from identifying local herbs to chopping methods, creating delicious meals together, side by side and learning the local language.



Free pick up  ( Canggu area only/ outside guest )

  • Lunch  : 9am – 1pm

  • Dinner : 3pm – 7pmm

  Yoga Class  


Katak Yoga Shala

Katak Yoga Shala Retreat is set up for the one who loves peace in body, soul, and spirit as our retreat located in the middle of nature away from busy and noisy tourism area. Our classes are designed to help you increase flexibility, develop strength, improve balance (mental as well as physical), learn to relax and to relieve stress. You will learn breathing techniques that will help you focus, relax, sleep, energize, calm. These are useful tools that can be practiced anytime during your day. Just imagine learning how to find peace of mind in the midst of the demands of your daily responsibilities. We provide individualized attention and modifications so that everyone can practice at the level appropriate for them. Our Local yoga instructor will guide you for every single step of movement. 


Reunite your mind body and spirit in our open yoga studio. Situated above a calming river that flows through the property this space includes relaxation and nature. Come for our morning practice or bring your friends for an invigorating yoga retreat. Accommodating to ten people, KTS Yoga is a delightful way to transform and invoke a sense of peace and wellness. Every Wednesday & Friday at 5 pm


Authentic Bali Mixology

Authentic Bali Mixology

Immerse yourself in a Bali culture by experiencing our mixology class. Our award winning mixology expert gives you the insight into the skill behind local hand-crafted cocktails. You’ll learn how to pair flavor combinations and the rich history behind Bali cocktail by using local spirit. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to serve an impressive drink, this is for you!

Coconut Oil Processing

Join our private class in our authentic balinese resort, learn how coconut oil is traditionally made, prepare your own organic, virgin coconut oil using coconuts fresh right from the palm. Discover how coconut oil is distilled and finally try the tasty Balinese traditional coconut dishes and coconut oil (saur, urab, pepes lengis).

Soap class

In our Balinese soap-making class, you will learn about ancient Balinese herbology and the classic techniques of soapmaking, among other unique ingredients in Balinese soap. We will begin by studying locally grown herbs and their benefits for the mind the soul. We will share the basic formulation of soap-making theories and how to infuse medicinal herbs into your own personal authentic Balinese soap.

  Outside Activity  

  Fish Market  

Let’s join and enjoy being a local, going to the fish market to select fresh fishes. Every Sunday Morning at 7 a.m. Location at Kedonganan Fish Market ( The Biggest Fish Market on the Island)

- Every Thursday morning at 07. am 

- IDR 150.000 for  transport only to the fish market




Outside Cycling

Get interesting experience, education, and exercise, education and exercise by joining in fun cycling trip around Canggu area with KTS Family by joining in fun cycling trip around Canggu area with KTS Family

Trekking (Belimbing) 


Belimbing Trekking. We'd love to engage you to experience the magnificence of Bali with a trip to the real beauty of rice paddies in a less known area of Belimbing Village. Belimbing is located in Tabanan Regency, just 45 minutes from KTS Villas. Enjoy the beautiful views, pick yourself some mangosteens – one of the tastiest fruits on the planet, or other tropical fruits, breath in the fresh air and delight in the untouched beauty of this magical island.

If we have enough time, we can see all in one spectacular nature experience. ( Rice Paddy, Jungle trekking, Monkey Temple, & Waterfall)

Mount Batur Climbing

Explore the beauty of Mount Batur Sunrise

MOUNT BATUR TREKKING ( 1 am – 10 am) include one hour Balinese Massage. 500k/person  ( Minumum 2 people)

The Kintamani volcano or Mount Batur, in particular, is a very popular trek. The captivating Mount Batur surrounds the 13-square kilometer Batur caldera lake. Those with a penchant for adventure can take a winding road down to the lake shore. This leads you to Toya Bungkah, Ulun Danu Batur temple, and a collection of hot springs. The trip takes around 5 hours starting from 1 am. Coming down from trekking you can enjoy a variety of delicious food while enjoying swimming in hot spring water.  The things you need to prepare before trekking are breakfast, medicine, water, food supplies for travel and warm and comfortable clothes.

Jeep Tour

Explore the eco system of Bali in our one of a kind open air Jeep and learn more about the rainforest , waterfalls and breath taking rice terraces. Discover the natural beauty of Bali on a trek through rice paddies valley in the spectacular heartland of Bali. Trek across rice fields, bamboo forest while enjoy stunning the views of mountain. Batukaru and take stunning instgram photos with less crowds!

Explore The Authentic Of Bali With Herritage Jeep​

Sustainable Tree Tour