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  Kts Cooking Class  

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KTS Jaen Cooking Class

Plan a unique date or add a Balinese dish to your cooking list. First, we take you to an organic garden and local market to hand-pick your ingredients.  Then, you’ll return to our fully-equipped, colorful, outdoor kitchen where the magic happens. Enjoying cooking is all about confidence, being relaxed and understanding your ingredients. You will experiment with new flavors and combine the freshest ingredients with techniques to build your knowledge of Balinese cuisine.  Enjoy your cooking dishes combined with the beautiful ambiance in our restaurant for a memorable experience.

  Kts Yoga  


Yoga Shala

Katak Yoga Shala Retreat is set up for the one who loves peace in body, soul, and spirit as our retreat located in the middle of nature away from busy and noisy tourism area. Our classes are designed to help you increase flexibility, develop strength, improve balance (mental as well as physical), learn to relax and to relieve stress. You will learn breathing techniques that will help you focus, relax, sleep, energize, calm. These are useful tools that can be practiced anytime during your day. Just imagine learning how to find peace of mind in the midst of the demands of your daily responsibilities. We provide individualized attention and modifications so that everyone can practice at the level appropriate for them. Our Local yoga instructor will guide you for every single step of movement. 

Kts Mixology Class


Kts Mixology

Learning about the mixing drink from east to the west ingredients, from the tropical fruit, vegetable, mix with the local spirit to create your own taste. The master mixology will train you hand to hand to become an expert in mixology. From learning about the process of the spirit in every single product become the beauty of creation.

 Kts Oil Class

Join our private class in our authentic Balinese resort, learn how coconut oil is traditionally made, prepare your own organic, virgin coconut oil using coconuts fresh right from the palm. Discover how coconut oil is distilled. It’s not only learning making the coconut oil but you will also know how the coconut grow in the garden also what’s the function of every part of coconut from the leave, young until old coconut. But the great part is to taste the food made from coconut, such as saur, urab, pesan tlengis.

Kts Spa