In House Activity  

  Yoga Class  


Yoga Shala

Reunite your mind body and spirit in our open yoga studio. Situated in front of Mount Batukaru, we are spoiling your eyes with priceless God's Painting. Come for our morning practice or bring your friends for an invigorating yoga retreat. Accommodating to ten people, KTS Yoga is a delightful way to transform and invoke a sense of peace and wellness.  (If you are interested in joining yoga class please fill the form)

Sustainable Tree Tour

Make our precious planet a better place by planting a tree in Kubu Tepi Sawah. Trees you planttoday help remove and restore carbon from the atmosphere, reduce the risk of flooding and protect local eco system. To show our apperciation, every year you will recieve the progress on your tree every year on your birthday. 

  Outside Activity  

Fruit Tasting Tour
(Eat as much as you like)

Recommended on July til August (Season Fruit)

Native fruit tour Love organic fruit. Come see how exotic fruits are grown along with many other native vegetation. Kubu Tepi Sawah cultivates 17 variety of tropical fruit alongside other herbal hedicinal plants.  Your guided walking tour will let you learn about Belimbing village rich agricultural history and the unique health benefits these vegetation bring. A variety of locally grown and freshly picked tropical fruit are included in your fruit tasting tour. As you stroll around the resort with our knowledgeable tour guides, you will be blown away by the breath-taking view of the rice terraces and majestic mountain view of Batukaru

Jeep Tour

Explore the eco system of Bali in our one of a kind open air Jeep and learn more about the rainforest , waterfalls and breath taking rice terraces. Discover the natural beauty of Bali on a trek through rice paddies valley in the spectacular heartland of Bali. Trek across rice fields, bamboo forest while enjoy stunning the views of mountain. Batukaru and take stunning instgram photos with less crowds!

Explore The Authentic Of Bali With Herritage Jeep​



Get interesting experience, education, and exercise, education and exercise by joining in fun cycling trip around Canggu area with KTS Family by joining in fun cycling trip around Canggu area with KTS Family

Trekking (Belimbing) 

Belimbing Trekking. We'd love to engage you to experience the magnificence of Bali with a trip to the real beauty of rice paddies in a less known area of Belimbing Village. Belimbing is located in Tabanan Regency, just 45 minutes from KTS Villas. Enjoy the beautiful views, pick yourself some mangosteens – one of the tastiest fruits on the planet, or other tropical fruits, breath in the fresh air and delight in the untouched beauty of this magical island.

If we have enough time, we can see all in one spectacular nature experience. ( Rice Paddy, Jungle trekking, Monkey Temple, & Waterfall)

Coconut Oil Processing

Join our private class in our authentic balinese resort, learn how coconut oil is traditionally made, prepare your own organic, virgin coconut oil using coconuts fresh right from the palm. Discover how coconut oil is distilled and finally try the tasty Balinese traditional coconut dishes and coconut oil (saur, urab, pepes lengis).

Balinese Dessert &
Balinese Palm Sugar Class

Satisfy your sweet tooth, together with your friends and children to have fun and learn how to make a mouth watering real Balinese dessert. Our expert local chef will drive you through the process of mixing local     grown ingredients to make the authentic sweet taste of Bali. You will also wrap your delicious dessert creation with tropical leaves, a perfect souvenir for your family and friends.

Brown sugar or palm sugar is pure sugar derived from the mark of a male flower palm     tree. Brown sugar is usually the main ingredient  for soy sauce and natural food     sweetener

Balinese Dessert

Balinese Palm Sugar