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"Katak Tepi Sawah (Frog Near Rice Padi)" Or  "Keeping Traditions Sacred"

KTS is an eclectic boutique resort where we love to spoil our guests. We pride ourselves on providing an authentic Bali experience with specialized treatments and free invitations to emerge with traditional Balinese culture.

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( Villa, SPA & Restaurant)

"Katak Tepi Sawah (Frog Near Rice Padi)" Or  "Keeping Traditions Sacred"

KTS is an eclectic boutique resort where we love to spoil our guests. We pride ourselves on providing an authentic Bali experience with specialized treatments and free invitations to emerge with traditional Balinese culture. That's if you can pull yourself out from your cozy, fresh, Bali-stylevilla nested in nature with small  river and lush rice-paddies. Enjoy yoga, spa treatments, cooking classes, and most importantly peace and relaxation.Our vintage restaurant only serves fresh organic ingredients to fill your belly, heart and soul. To complete guest’s holiday as they explore Bali we also provide tours, trekking, rentals (motorbike & bicycle), drop and pick up. At KTS superb hospitality, culture and nature meet. We'll cater you with care and love.

It was built with “ Care & Love” based on “ Tri Hita Karana” which is  a traditional Balinese philosopy. The literal meaning of the term is “ Three Causes of well- being/ prosperity” that include 1) harmony with God, among people and nature & environment.

KTS Balinese Villas is genuiely one of Canggu’s best- kept secret. Ideal location to visit many of Bali’s historical and world famous attractions without the hustle, bustle and traffic congestion found in neighboring areas such as Tanah lot, Echo Beach, Old Man, Batu Bolong Beach and more.


The owner and the conceptor of this villa, Mr. Sudi, was a bartender. As a bartender most of his life was surrounded with parties and many people. Based on his experiences, he now has chosen to buy his own land in a peaceful area located in Banjar Pegending, Dalung, Kuta Utara. It’s a quiet and peaceful location that he has owned since 2001, surrounded by rice fields and beautiful panoramic view. On 2003, Mr. Sudi made his dream come true and built his own house that hemostly stayed in when he finished his contract or got a vacation from working on board of cruise ships. On his vacation time, he needed something which can make his mind relaxed and peaceful, thus he chose that house with a peaceful surroundings with only the sounds of nature accompanying him.

One night, when Mr. Sudi was sitting in his backyard veranda, he heard the sound of a frog calling, which gave him inspiration "hopefully our voice will be able to calm your mind and give you, your family and everyone else a better way of life in the future". That was when Mr. Sudi thought about Katak and contemplated that in the future if he has money, he will build a villa or a company near his house and call it Katak. He also thought that because he will build a villa and restaurant, it will make the natural habitat of the frog become less and less, so he chose to present ornaments of Katak as a symbol of it in his villa.


  • Frogs are animals that can live in two places, on the land and in the water. It’s related to the experience of villa owners who have worked on the land and at the sea.

  • The way of frogs living in groups (togetherness) inspired villa owners to run business together

  • The way of frogs living in groups (togetherness) inspired villa owners to run business together

  • The sound of frogs inspired us to welcome the positive things, because the sound of a frog is believed to be a symbol of rain coming pouring down to the earth.

  • The story of the kindness of the Frog Prince.

  • Frog dream interpretation (dreaming of seeing a frog meaning that one will get a lot of money,dreaming of holding a frog meaning that there will be additional revenue and dreaming of hearing a frog singing meaning getting praisedby others).

Modern Dining Room


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Mr. Nyoman Sudiartawan (Sudi)


Mr. “Sudi” Sudiartawan is a cruise ship veteran; he joined Celebrity Cruise Line with over 9 years’ experience in Cruise industry, being voted Celebrity Cruise Line’s Employee of the Year in 1999 and 2004. 

From 1999-2008, Sudi was part of the leadership group in Beverage sector for opening teams in all Celebritys new builds and played an integral role in training and setup of bar operations.

Together with his cruise experience and previous hospitality background with places like Nikko Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel and Four Seasons Resort as opening team, he brought his experience home to Bali in 2008 and started a bartender and flair training school that was followed by a recruiting agency and later Monarch Cruise Line and Hospitality Training Center, which opened its doors in September 2009.  

With the passion for service, hospitality and managing a quality experience for candidates and for clients, the school and recruiting agency grew.  It now has major cruise ship companies as clients, such as RCCL, Disney, Viking and P&O UK.

In beginning of 2016 Sudi took an Advisor role in the agency and training school to pursue his love for training and hospitality operations, leading to the opening of KTS Villas where he owns and operates 14 villas, bar, restaurant,Spa and Yoga.  His resort is ranked asnumber 8th out of 48 hotels in Canggu, Bali. Based of these achievement, Sudi expanded his dream to open restaurant in the one of the busiest tourism place in Canggu, Bali. Sudi prides himself forintegrity, hardwork and strategies for reaching his goals with his focus always on being helpingBalinese people.

Mrs. Ni Luh Ayu Lilik Sugitha


Since 2008, Lilik has managed the administrative staff of the recruitment agency founded by her husband, Sudi as an Advisor. Mrs. Lilik is a kind of a woman who enggages with Balinese culture. She brings the concept of Balinese culture and atmosphere to KTS Resort, which is based on Care & Love and follows the Balinese concept of Tri Hita Karana. By following the concept of Tri Hita Karana, it indirectly introduces local wisdom to guests staying at KTS Bali.

Mr. Ketut Pariasa


Ketut Pariasa has experience working in a factory in Korea and on a cruise line for approximately five years. With his experience of working in foreign companies, he has developt more international working ethics and is very responsible for all the operational sides of the KTS Villa

Mr. Wayan Gelgel

CHEF (Talent Specialist- Culinary)

Mr. Wayan Gelgel has 14 years Culinary experience working as Sous Chef and Chef Consultant in a 5 star hotel Four Season Resort. He has 2 years of experience working onboard in Carnival Cruise Line since 1992 in Culinary Department before returning home Bali to take up leadership position for Galleys at Four Seasons Resort as pastry chef.

Being a chef and pastry chef in one of the most famous resorts in the world (Four Season Resort, Jimbaran), he continues to show his skills and passion by joining with KTS Team. Please feel free to ask for his special menu. Receive for delivery order.

Kts villa opens a cooking class program by elevating the mainstay menu of traditional traditional dishes and will be handled by our professional kitchen team who have received guidance from Mr. Gelgel

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