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why kts ?


  • Symbol of Fertility ( the frog make noise the rain will come). The sound of frogs inspired us to welcome the positive things because the sound of a frog is believed to be a symbol of rain coming pouring down to the earth.

  • Symbol of  Togetherness (one make a noise the other will follow, it also can be symbolized by frogs’ egg ). Inspiring the owner to run the business together

  • Symbol of  Flexibility ( can live in water and land ). It’s related to the experience of the owner who have worked on the land and at the sea.

  • Symbol of kindness ( frog prince story). Pure kindness is from the heart

  • Symbol of  Cleanliness  ( blue frogs only live in clean area). Inspire us to always maintain the cleanliness of the environment to protect the natural environment and the creatures that live inside.

why frog ?
Frog Dream.jpg
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